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Here are the Questions you need to answer in all 3 cases!

Question 1:

A lily pad patch on a pond is doubling in size every day; it takes 47 days to cover the whole pond. How long did it take to cover ½? __________ DAYS

Question 2:

Solve this equation (4 x 12) – 25 ÷ 5 = ____

Question 3:

What is the Capital City of Ontario

The Rules (in addition to Terms and Conditions – the Lawyer part):

In 100 words (97 actually as three are answers) tell us how and why winning this house would change your life, and the life of others!! We will take 50,000 entries down to 100 with our esteemed judges and then pick a winner!

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In the event of contest cancellation, refunds will be mailed or e-transferred to the address provided by the entrant, less any postage or bank charges that may apply.

CONTEST DEADLINE: August 13th 2019 But That Could Be Extended to Help our Charities