In 2018 we bought this house from a widow who had lived in the home alone for many years and who’s children felt it was time she moved to a care facility.

We bought it with the full intention of restoring it to its full potential and then putting it up for sale at $1,149,000.00

This was a new price point for the area and the house is certainly worth that price. At the same time our house was going up for sale we noticed a contest to win a house and thought that was an incredible idea. We decided we would put the house on the market and if it did not sell within a short time we would consider the contest approach.

Our hope is that, with this contest, we will make someone’s dream seem possible and they will write a compelling entry and win this house. The contest begins on June 13th and will run until August 13th with the possibility of extending it up to a maximum of three additional months.

We are looking for a compelling 100 word letter plus a $25.00 entry fee (which allows people of any income to have a chance to enter). The entry must explain clearly and concisely what winning this house would mean for the entrant and their family an how they would pay it forward.

We need a Minimum of 50,000 entries to fulfill the terms of this contest and if that number is not achieved by the contest end date we will cancel the contest and return everyone’s money less any bank of postal fees.

It is our hope that this gorgeous home will go to someone with a family who will live a full and joyous life here in Ottawa and become a valuable member of the community. This community is an established area in the City of Ottawa, the people who live here are incredible neighbours who have watched our restoration of this house with a great deal of interest. Its our hope the the new owner will appreciate these neighbours as much as we have.