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Contest Closed

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we are falling well short of our target for the #WinOttawaHouse campaign and will need to refund the entry fees to participants and put the house on the market. Those who registered have a choice, a) Wait for us to refund thousands of participants in accordance with the contest Terms and Condition, and/or b) Agree to donate your registration fee to our three charities. It’s entirely up to you, just let us know. We appreciate your patience as it will take us some time to do the paperwork and refunds, rest assured we won’t let you down. We wanted to try something unique and sometimes ideas are not embraced, and we understand. We wish you all well. We will leave up our social media accounts if you have any questions. Our best to you, Connie and Allan.

We thought you might like to know the answers to the three questions so here they are:

A lily pad patch on a pond is doubling in size every day; it takes 47 days to cover the whole pond. How long did it take to cover half? (Answer in number of days) 46

Skill Testing Question 2: Solve this equation (4 x 12) – 25 ÷ 5 = Equals: 43

Skill Testing Question 3: What is the capital city of the province of Ontario in Canada? Toronto

All the contestants managed to touch our hearts in 97 words. They are amazing people.